is designed to be a source of information, inspiration and income for songwriters. We hope our content will help you put your songs in front of people who are willing to pay you for them.

Many songwriters pitch music to publishers in Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville or New York, which is terrific. Our goal is to simplify some alternative methods for earning money with your original songs by placing them in film, TV, commercials and other media projects.

We've consolidated valuable information for songwriters in one location, saving you the time and effort of tracking it down yourself. At the Song Wellspring, you'll find:

A free list of music libraries that are in touch with media producers around the world. The list provides names, contact information and tips on how to submit your tunes to the libraries that media people visit when they need good music quickly.
A free list of music supervisors who are responsible for locating quality music for media projects every day. Sometimes they shop the music libraries; sometimes they hire composers; sometimes they use music in their personal libraries.
A glossary to help you with music licensing terminology.
If you're a performing songwriter, you might find our list of performance venues valuable. We've given you links to nearly 10,000 locations around the world where you can try out your songs on live audiences. If you're not a performer, you can still learn a lot by listening to original music at venues near you.
A list of local, state, regional and national songwriting organizations. What better way to improve your music than getting feedback from other songwriters? These groups might also have your next co-writer among their members.
A Forum, where you can communicate with other songwriters about any topic that's important to you.
A store and other links will take you directly to some of the industry's best resources for music and songwriting.

Again, we want to help you get your music in front of decision makers who may place it in a media project and pay you for it!

We invite your participation in our efforts to help songwriters. If you have an idea or information about libraries, supervisors or some other way to earn compensation for original music, we'd love to hear from you. If you like, we'll even credit you as the source for any information we post.

As our community grows, we plan to send you occasional information about what our visitors are telling us, and share their success stories about placing their songs. We'll also tell you when we've updated or expanded our information.

There is absolutely no fee for being a part of our community.

If you have comments, suggestions, questions, or a success story to share, please send us a note from the "Contact Us" page.

Thanks for visiting us. Enter and enjoy!

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